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10 steps to renew your refrigerator.

Our guide to a dreamy clean fridge.

Look familiar? Don't worry, in this post we will discuss our guide to bringing the homes favourite place back to cleanliness heaven.

1st Step. Remove Items.

Start by removing all food and drink items from every compartment in the refrigerator. Be mindful to place all items in a cool storage place for a small time - so not to let items go bad.

2nd Step. Remove the panels.

Once we have a clean pallet to work with, lets go ahead and asses the areas in need. in most cases the glass panels & door holders can slide out and be safely removed.

3rd Step. Prep the inside.

Now that all items, food and panels have been removed, wipe out any loose items sitting at the bottom and spray the inside of the refrigerator with multi surface anti bacterial spray. ( we recommend an eco friendly product). Be mindful to avoid any electrical components and aim for just the sides and bottom of the refrigerator. At this point we can move on to step 4 and let the solution soak in.

4th Step. get some bubbles.

Place all door holders into the sink with warm water and dish soap. ( Any soap will do, but we recommend a great smelling one.) Allow items to soak until clean, and any grease, food & marks have removed. If tougher stains do not remove by themselves - we recommend elbow grease using a light non abrasive scrubber.

5th Step. Glass Panels.

Repeat step 3 but using the glass panels. Be mindful to clean one panel at a time, and take extra care when handling. In a lot of cases, the glass panel won't fit fully into the sink so we recommend running a warm tap over each side of the panel for a few minutes until anything stuck to the glass and glass corners remove, Be very careful if wiping the glass to not add any un needed pressure to the corners. Once cleaned leave all panels and door holders to dry - to speed up this process we recommend using microfibre cloths.

6th Step. Glass Drying & Finishing.

Arguably the most important thing to remember when drying any glass - use a lint free glass or shammy cloth, and use a rotating pattern when drying. This will leave the glass with no streaks and a crystal clear finish.

7th Step. Tackle the inside.

Now that we have completed the panels, door holders and shined up the glass - lets go back to the inside of our refrigerator. As we have allowed our anti bac spray to soak, we can now simply take a microfibre cloth combined with warm soapy water and use the cloth to rinse down the inside of the fridge, whilst also removing any left over food stains and dirt. We recommend using a small bucket to pool all excess liquid into, and completing another spray of your choice on the bottom of the refrigerator once the excess liquid has been removed, Repeat this step as many times as needed to remove all grease, and unwanted items on the inside. Once you are happy with the inside, use a microfibre glass cloth ( or ten) to dry every inch of the inside.

8th Step. The end is in sight.

Replace all inside door holders and glass panels, wiping each one with a microfibre cloth as you go to remove any final drips of water. Time for the glass cloth again - so you can remove any finger marks from the glass that appeared when you put the glass back into the fridge. At this point, you can now start putting all items back into the refrigerator.

9th Step. High Finish Aluminum/Aluminium/Steel.

We think this is one of the most crucial parts to restoring your refrigerator to its former days of glory. ( Please ignore if you do not have an aluminum or high shine exterior to your fridge.)

We recommend a high quality stainless steel spray. This can be found at amazon/walmart and most good retailers for a very little cost, but is well worth it. Check out the direct link below for easy delivery.

Begin by spraying a small amount to the exterior of the fridge directly onto the aluminum/steel. We recommend two - three sprays per door panel. Then take a microfibre cloth and begin massaging into the door in a circular motion, the solution will begin to disappear. For the perfect finish, at this point switch to a glass cloth and repeat the above steps but do not apply any more stainless steel spray. This will leave the exterior with a high shine and professional finish.

Step 10. This is the most important step.

YOU DID IT! Step back, view your master piece and go take 5! You deserve it!

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